Elasticated Overall in Firestone

Article-Nr. L39CSM95-XS

Colours: Firestone

Fabric: 80% BCI Baumwolle 20% Hanf/True Hemp



Drawing on our long history of workwear expertise we have remodelled the overall to create this all-in-one with a sleek line and elasticated waist. Sleeveless and straight legged with a placket that buttons from the neckline to the fly, this is easy to slip on and works on its own or layered over t-shirts or shirts.

Made using a blend of cotton and fibres from the naturally quick growing and sustainable hemp plant these have a natural neppy feel and comfort that is perfect for summer and good for the environment.

The natural white denim has been dyed to a super-warm and natural orange shade called firestone. It's a clean look wit ha little natural texture to it.

Tortoiseshell buttons complete this overall with a touch of class and natural colouring.